YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara review

When my prior tube of mascara ran out, my sudden overwhelming urge to switch to gray instead of black lashes nudged me towards this much-hyped mascara. When my Sephora VIB coupon came around, I figured it was time to take the plunge.

-The Sublime Grey color is nicely neutral without being too blue or brown of a grey, and is infused with just a bit of shimmer.
-It smells exactly like the Rose Petal doll of my childhood, which is lovely and nicer than the Hauschka or Aveda rose scented mascaras.
-Despite the bushy brush I’m able ┬áto easily get to the roots of my lashes and thoroughly cover up the blond base.
-It’s fairly easy to remove, and if you smudge it’s easy to correct, but it doesn’t come off at the *first* hint of water. It takes a few seconds of warm water and a bit of friction to break through the outer layer and start removing it, so you’re safe in a normal drizzle.

-It does smudge a bit, obviously more easily than waterproof options. I wouldn’t trust it in the summer heat — definitely not coming to Brazil with me in February.
-The grey color is actually a bit lighter than my taste — I’d prefer more of a true charcoal-y shade. This stuff works OK if I’m not doing a smokier or darker eye look, but it’s not bold enough for some of my holiday party looks.
-$30 per tube — not like I’ve never ever spent that before, but a bit ridiculous given how often mascara should be tossed.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised, but I do feel the need to still keep a black and/or waterproof formulation on hand. I doubt I’ll repurchase, but I’m glad I gave this a whirl.

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