Worth every penny — all 1,899 of them

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of getting a high-end hair straightener, because I keep hearing how gosh darned amazing they are.  But the combination of a high price tag and mixed reviews with reports of shoddy wiring has always made me shy away at the last minute.  And boy, am I glad I trusted my cheapskate instinct!

I just got a mini Conair straightener for $18.99, and it’s AWESOME.  To be precise, it’s not one of the newish travel straighteners, which I’ve seen ranging from $30 to $130.  It’s just a standard sized 3/4″ flat iron, which is tiny compared to my old 2″ one.

The smaller barrel makes it much, MUCH easier to style my bangs and the shorter framing layers around my face.  Now I just use the tiny one on days I’m touching up, and I use both on days I’m doing a full-out straightening — the 2″ for the bulk of my hair, and the 3/4″ for the shorter bits.  Totally worth it, and I wound up spending MUCH less than I would have for a high-end iron.

Plus, my old Conair 2″ is two years old and still going strong, and still gets to plenty hot temperatures.  Compare that with the many CHI reviews on Folica, claiming that the fuses burn out right *after* the warranty runs out, and… I call this a wise decision, indeed.  And even if this lil’ slugger does burn a fuse, I’m out less than $20.

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