The Hair Powder Shakedown

Pun totally intended.

I started using Jurlique Rose Silk Dust a couple years ago on my face, and I discovered that it was a bit too drying to use often. But, of course, I was unwilling to waste such an expensive product! So I started using it on the wispy hair bits around my face that tend to get greasy thanks to my cleansing cream and my DIY facial oil blend that I use to moisturize. And thus begun my love affair with hair powder!

Not only do I have coarse, drier hair, but I also have hair that tends to look WAY better when unwashed for a couple days. And since it’s dry, it tends to look fine unwashed except right at the scalp or around my hairline. So the advent of  hair powder as a common beauty product has been an almost-ideal solution… except that some hair powders are AWFUL.

I tried a travel size bottle of Ojon Rub-Out, and HATED it. Greasy, stinky (but not in their usual signature yummy Ojon scent) and flaky-looking. I’d been using Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder as a very different type of styling aid, but I found it didn’t translate well to scalp use AT ALL. (The brown turns your scalp brown and the white just looks like chalky dandruff, and both irritate the skin while failing to make you less greasy-looking after a long day.) And don’t even THINK about brushing your hair with either of these products in it, unless you want to spend an hour on brush cleaning afterwards. Ew. So I opted to avoid spray formulations and just go for straight up powder… powder.

I started with Oscar Blandi’s version, hoping it would have a delicious jasmine scent like all the other Blandi hair products I’ve tried. But sadly, it smells more like blah lemongrass-ish something. (What is UP with ditching your signature hair product scent for only one item?) And the stuff does bug my scalp a tad. I’d been wanting to try both Cake Beauty’s tinted version and the Lulu Organics swanky version, but I waited until Sephora carried the former and a trial size was created for the latter.

My verdict? Neither of these are perfect, but both are quite good. My main gripe is that BOTH have a boring, almost absent scent! Chocolate Lotus had a quote saying this stuff smelled like lemon cookies, and I see what they mean but… not so much, to my palate. And Lulu’s Lavender Clary Sage is VERY lavender (which I like as an aromatherapy scent, but not to wear out, ya know?) and the jasmine basically smells like NOTHING. I am SO irked that splurged on the full size thing.

The good news is, I don’t feel the need to be at all stingy about the stuff, because I don’t adore it as much as I’d thought. And the clear winner that has emerged from this process is actually the Lavender Clary Sage Lulu version — even though I’m not nuts over the smell, it seems to calm my easily-irked scalp better than any other powder. So head on over to Saffron Rouge to get yourself a vial today!

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