The fall of Horst Rechelbacher

My GOD does Aveda suck now. I mean, this isn’t exactly news to my regular readers, but they’ve sucked for quite some time now — right around the time that good old Aerin.  One of the ways in which they deviated from their original glory is to start offering BS marketing ploys, namely the Pure Privilege system. (Privilege my ass, when I have to pay $10 to enroll.)

Turns out this system has a teensy catch — your points expire if you don’t use the account frequently enough.  So, even though I paid my $10 for this privilege, I’m about to have my account shut down and my existing points voided.  Why is this, you ask?  Because Aveda has literally not made a SINGLE product that I can or would use, in the past TWO YEARS.

And it’s not for lack of trying, trust me.  Back when they came out with their Smoothing Collection a couple years ago, I bought the shampoo and conditioner duo to give it a try.  And it wasn’t totally horrible — it kind of made my scalp freak out, like most dimethicone-heavy smoothing formulations do — but it delivered similar results to that holiest of hair grails for me, the Redken All Soft collection.  However, it smelled so incredibly foul that even my fiancé begged me to return it!

And recently, I returned to the scene of the crime to try and buy a tiny trial-sized item just to activate my account, and I of course got into a discussion with the Aveda sales gal about the company’s downfall and crappy products.  (I can never keep my mouth shut when they start to pry or go for a hard sale.) She badgered me into buying a bottle of the Style Prep Smoother, which had a different but still bleh smell, and which TOTALLY did not work on my coarser, wavier hair.  WAY too much cetyl alcohol content for a leave-in product — it dried out my ends like crazy, despite the fact that she swore it made her hair more moisturized.  And shockingly, I hated it and returned that too.

So what’s a girl to do?  I went down to the local Aveda today since they’re having yet another Double Points Extravaganza!!! event, and I went with the intention of actually making a purchase that I would keep.  Yes, lately I’ve been missing having a salicylic acid-based acne spot treatment, so I went with the intention of checking out their relatively new acne line.  Well, my faithful three readers, guess what I discovered?

Every single acne product contains dimethicone — one of the MOST comedogenic ingredients that acne-prone people fear.  OH my GOD, how the mighty have fallen.  You can have your expired Pure Privilege points, Horst/Aerin.  I know it took me a long time to finally break things off with you, but it is SO OVER now!

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  1. I had Aveda products at my spa for 5 months. I couldnt make a payment on my purchase (due to the bad economic crisis and slow business) and Aveda came within 24 hours of notice and took all the products away. I am left now with a spa and no products. GREAT COMPANY!! Thank you

  2. I don’t understand the title of your article. Didn’t Mr Rechelbacher sell Aveda to Estee Lauder in the 90s? Shouldn’t it be the fall of Estee Lauder’s Aveda?

    BTW, isn’t Horst more recently associated with Intelligent Nutrients? An organic line so pure (apparently) that in an interview I saw Horst actually drank their hairspray.

  3. Indeed, he is more recently associated with that new line that he created. I just think it’s kind of sad to grow a company like Aveda based on some damn fine principles, then turn around and sell it off, let it get destroyed, and turn around and start up another company.

    I’d much rather see him put his time and energy back into his original legacy — honestly, the downfall of Aveda has made me completely lose faith in him as an entrepreneur and bringer of more good principles.

    He can drink all the hairspray he wants, but I won’t be following his companies or their products in the future. I think true integrity would be to save Aveda from the evil clutches of Estee Lauder. (And quite frankly, even though he did indeed sell it off to Estee Lauder, whom I do indeed despise, they associate their brand identity so closely with the Rechelbacher name that it maligns him too, IMO!)

  4. all great entreprenuers must sell thier companies when they become too large and move on to thier next game. Mr Rechelbacher had a huge greening influence on the mega big estee lauder company. If you sell your car are you responsible for the drunk driver who buys the car? They looked sober when they bought it. His new Intelligent nutrients company is fabulous and my buyfriend loves the fact that I both wear the perfume on my body and my ice cream!its complletely edible!!

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