Testing out Julep’s “Fab 14” LED mani

Remember when I got my OPI Axxium gel manicure, and then it wound up sucking? Well, I never learn. Or rather, I learn to seek out better alternatives to what is fundamentally a good product idea with poor execution. Enter Julep!  A few months ago, I had seen someone Tweet somewhere about getting a UV gel mani from Julep. However, when I Tweeted them I got no reply, and I couldn’t find any such manicure on their websites. So I decided to use a normal, old-fashioned method of communicating.

I managed to find out that Julep’s service is actually an LED curing process, instead of UV, so your hands aren’t exposed to unnecessary wrinkle-causing rays. First yay! Second, they have a slightly more limited range for this process than for their normal manicure, but it’s a full 24 colors including classic pinks and neutrals plus blues/purples/browns and some seasonal shades. Yahtzee! That’s a broader range than Axxium, last I checked.

And lastly, even though you *do* still have to soak the mani off with pure acetone or have it professionally removed for a fee, they never ever use a dremel on the nail bed to prep it. (You hear that, rushy Sénsè tech? NEVER.) So that alone made me more willing to try it again. :) Plus, and here’s the real reason: I’m going to visit my two mothers-in-law for the first time since our wedding this summer, and they’re both always immaculately manicured and coiffed. So I feel like I have to play East Coast for a bit and look the part, especially since I’ll be showing off not one but two heirloom rings now. So my nails had better look the part! I’ll update with pics just as soon as I’ve had the treatment.

(Update: After a quick Google search, it looks like this process was pioneered by Shizuka in New York. Let’s hope it catches on at even more West Coast locations!)

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