Jessie loves mascara!

Jessie Char is a lovely-seeming human being whom I only know via the Internet. (Perhaps that will change someday; I’d like that.) She put out this generous offer on Twitter:

I was sure she’d be full of great advice, so I asked if I could round up some of the best nuggets in a blog post. (This might end up being for my Mug Shots online dating photo happy hour clients, or just for the world at large.)

Tube mascara rocks!

Jessie’s main advice was tube mascara, tube mascara, tube mascara. Me too, but I’m still not 100% satisfied with Clinique Lash Power; totally gonna try Jessie’s recommendation of Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara. Here’s more of her advice, in case y’all also find it helpful!

Jessie’s sneaky mascara tip

I’ve never thought to try this (I’d worry about germs and it drying TOO much) but I know exactly what Jessie means about new mascara being too wet. Gonna try this on an affordable drugstore purchase!

Newbie makeup help

It’s not all detailed deep dives into the world of mascara. She’s full of more basic accessible tips too. The only thing I’d add is that when you go to the MAC counter, find the person whose makeup looks most like you want yours to look, and talk to them. (Lots of reps are super costumey for fun, but most newbies will feel less intimidated talking to someone rocking a more natural look, I suspect.)

Drugstore mascara options

I love me some fancy tube mascara too, but I can’t always justify the purchase. I figured you budget folks might also appreciate Jessie’s lower-end recs, and her strategy for making the most of all your mascara purchases.