DIY goals for 2011

The time is now! For several years, I’ve been wanting to make my own naturally-pigmented lip stains. I had always assumed beet powder was the only option I had, but a cup of Tazo Passion tea recently reminded me that, in addition to beets, there’s also hibiscus, red cabbage, saffron, and turmeric. (How did I come up with this list, you ask? By thinking of all the things that stain my hands in the kitchen!)

I switched to using lip stains instead of glosses, balms, or lipsticks way back in 2006 when I met my husband, because he couldn’t stand kissing a made-up mouth. I started a long EDS thread about it in which many others chimed in, and I blogged some updates here. The conclusion was and still is that Vincent Longo stains are best, largely because of the wand applicator. So I’ll be using empty wand applicator tubes designed for lip gloss when I make my own stains.

Since my main complaint about the VL ones is that they’re too dark for my coloring and can be slightly drying, I’ll be making mine in softer shades and including moisturizing ingredients (I’m thinking glycerine and honey). They may not work out, but I already have 75% of the components I need anyway, so it can’t hurt to try!

In addition to stains, I’m planning on making new oil blends for facial and body moisturizers, plus a facial cleansing oil; and a belly butter for my pregnant pal; and taking another stab at DIY deodorant since Aromacreme isn’t back yet.

Search for the Perfect C Serum

I’ve been wanting to try a vitamin C serum ever since I read about people’s glorious results on EDS.  But it’s a tricky substance: most C serums apparently oxidize really quickly, which means the highly unstable C “turns” and can actually do your skin more harm than good.  It can be really hard to find a C serum that’s stable enough to last through the whole bottle.

To complicate matters further, the base ingredients that help keep C stable are exactly the sort of thing I hate to put on my face.  (Petrochemicals and/or potentially irritating acids, to name a couple.)  One solution is to try making your own C serum in small batches, so you can control how fresh it stays.

This is above and beyond my normal level of DIY crafting, but I think I’m up to the challenge.  Thankfully, C is a little more forgiving than some other DIY actives, and I’m not that invested if it doesn’t work out.  This may be my first leap into varsity-level DIY, which should be fun!  I wonder if Maggie Bullock will seek me out again. :)

Quoted in this month’s ELLE!

I was very excited to pick up this month’s ELLE magazine, even though it’s not one of my typical reads. On page 111, there’s an article on do-it-yourself skincare, and ELLE writer Maggie Bullock quoted me twice (including an ending quote, yay!).

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t appear in the online mag, but I’ve uploaded a PDF (with permission) here, in case anyone wants to check it out. (And no, it wasn’t printed that way — my boyfriend ever-so-subtly highlighted the parts with me in it.)


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