Of COURSE when my hair is filthy…

Me with really nice, really gross filthy hair.

… it looks fantastic.

Me with really nice, really gross filthy hair.

Seriously, I’m not trying to be vain or all poor-me humblebragging, but this happens to me ALL THE TIME. My hair looks SO BAD on the days when I wash it, and it often looks so fantastic when it’s been damn near a week and it’s not really acceptable hygiene-wise and I touch it and feel like I need to wash my hands and I can’t possibly leave the house like that. Sigh! I don’t know if it looks “fantastic” to you too, or if we really adequately captured it in this quick iPhone shot that I made my husband take. But it was like not too big on top, smooth flat bangs that weren’t tweaking out or flipping or curling in weird ways, no short scalp frizzybits, and long loose messy-yet-even curls throughout the rest. It blended my often-frizzy layers in perfectly, camouflaged split ends, and even had some shine going. DANGIT.

It just feels like such a shame to ruin a good thing, you know? (Don’t worry, I sucked it up and hopped in the shower. And now I look like crap.) In the past I’ve to reproduce a good dirty hair day, and it’s never been consistent. But I’m pretty sure this was a few days after I’d done a conditioner-only cleanse plus Moroccanoil, though, so it actually was a slightly different cocktail that might be possible to simulate. You can bet your tresses I’m gonna try to reproduce it again!

If I had to guess, I’d suspect the conditioner-only cleanse helped the top part chill out and added some weight, while the Moroccanoil shined/smoothed the longer layery bits. We shall see!