Not everyone who reads this site will be able to take advantage, but I feel like I’ve managed to somehow land the very best people in the entire city for personal care and health. It would be cruel of me not to share this knowledge with my readers!

Hair: I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with many kickass hairdressers here in Seattle, but I’m updating this with my most recent favorites. They are Rebekah and Cassie of Vain! I really enjoyed her assistance, and I feel like I finally have an affordable cut that looks great wavy/curly AND straight — about time. I’ve been getting mad compliments since I got it done by her, and she’s refreshingly un-pushy about products (but Vain carries some of the nicest and hardest to find lines around).

DOWNTOWN 2018 1st Ave • 206.441.3441 | BALLARD 5401 Ballard Ave NW • 206.706.2707

Brows: May Ling at Salon Divas. This gal is an amazing brow stylist — she’s great at spotting tiny uneven patterns that you yourself would never recognize until someone pointed them out. She uses nice, safe, all-natural waxes and products, and she gives you a great shape that works with your face, and works with any input you have. I’m told she also does plucking, which is the way to go if you’re on Retin-A or other harsh exfoliants (like chemical peels). Note; I haven’t actually seen May in YEARS so she may have moved on. Possibly.

SALON DIVAS 2207 3rd Ave • 206.256.0155

Event Hair and MakeupCarina Schoen, Traveling Stylist is the gal who is doing my wedding hair and makeup. She is super-sweet, way flexible and more affordable than oh so many similar artists. Plus I love having someone who can do both hair and makeup in one shot!

Carina Schoen, Traveling Stylist
(206) 963-7963

Dermatology: Paula Zook at The Polyclinic. Dr. Zook is the best dermatologist I’ve ever seen — she understands both cosmetic and medical concerns, and she’s super-knowledgeable about skin conditions, medications, and ingredients.

She’s great at getting a feel for whatever works best for you, and she gives you lots of options and offers up all kinds of information (which is big for me since I ask a LOT of questions!). I’ve seen several derms in my life and never been happy until now — I’m so glad I found her!

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