Review — New Aveda “Deep” Conditioner

Ever since Aveda discontinued their much-adored Curessence deep conditioner, they’ve been on my hit list. (That stuff was fabulous, and a cult classic — you don’t go changing/pulling something so beloved by so many! Bad form, Aveda!) But then, they’ve pretty much lost all my respect since selling out to Estée Lauder anyway.

Okay, staying on track. Despite said loss of respect, I’m still on their mailing list, and I still get occasional freebie vouchers for whatever new product they’ve come up with. A couple years ago they came out with an “alternative” to Curessence, i.e. their Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner.  But that stuff sucked — it wasn’t nearly as moisturizing or penetrating as Curessence was.*

AAAAANYWAY, you probably didn’t come here for a history lesson!  Nope, you came for my review.  So now that I’ve taken you through all that, I’ll try and be brief: the newest stuff sucks.

Yep, they realized that the Damage Remedy duo wasn’t really cutting it compared to days of yore, so came out with a new set called Dry Remedy which included the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque, another new attempt at a deep conditioner (instead of just bringing back Curessence like they friggin’ SHOULD HAVE).  And the new stuff is just as non-deep as Damage Remedy was, but in a crappier way.

It’s a dimethicone-heavy formulation, and it feels fabulous when it first goes on and when you first rinse it out.  But after the hair is dried?  Frizz city.  Let me be more precise: dry, coarse, brittle frizz city, without a pleasant Aveda fragrance.  That’s right, it doesn’t even soften, at least not for me — it only felt nice while my hair was still wet.  And the smell is just nothing to get excited over — toned down compared to their old signature Aveda scents, and much more generic.  (Again, probably a new marketing thing, i.e. alienating the original customer base in an attempt to gain mainstream popularity.  Sayonara, I say.)

Anyway, can you tell I’m bitter?  Aveda was once the kind of company that I’d be willing to move to friggin’ Minnesota to work for.  (And I don’t like the extreme cold, extreme heat, or extreme lack of ocean.)  Now it’s just another faceless corporate BS front, and it really does sadden me.  But in a nutshell: don’t bother with this new product, either!

*You know the worst part of this whole discontinuation of a rockstar product?  I was complaining about this with an Aveda employee who was also a big Curessence fan, and she told me privately that they only pulled the stuff because some dumb Aveda customers were ignoring the directions and using the protein-heavy Curessence weekly treatment as a daily conditioner, and — guess what — they got weighed down by buildup and then complained.  So a handful of idiots ruined it for the rest of us!  And Aveda, King Idiot, took their opinion more seriously than that of all its hardcore Curessence fans! SIGH…

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  1. Have you found anything close to Curessence? I have been in product limbo ever since and I am so freaking tired of trying everything under the sun with no success!! Any advice is appreciated!! I sent Aveda a million emails bitching about this…boo!

  2. My good hair days, (life as I knew it) ended when Curessence went off the market. I also complained to the regional rep, & she said many others had complained also. My hair will never be the same. That is the only product I have ever used that not only enhanced my curl but conditioned my hair and added fullness and body. It was a miracle product! I am sick of trying multiple products without good results and have finally accepted that my hair will never be the same without Curessence. If I could buy it on the black market, I would!

  3. I KNOW! QQQQQ so very sad. The Mountain Ocean stuff is the closest I’ve seen but no real comparison. I wish Aveda wasn’t so back-asswards about this! (LUSH recently discontinued a fave too, albeit for better reasons. But still, waaaaah!)

  4. So I hopped on Live Chat on the Aveda website, and asked the rep what the best way was to submit our complaints. She said to contact them via this link and that they do always listen. I’m submitting my request to bring back Curessence right now!

    She also gave me this info: Consumer Communications can be reached via phone toll-free, at 1.800.328.0849 M-F between 9am-5:00pm Central Standard Time or via email at

  5. Curessence was an outstanding conditioner. I still ask at the Aveda stores for it to return. I really don’t understand why they discontinued it? Made my hair unbelievably healthy. Aveda, BRING IT BACK!!!

  6. I’ll have y’all know that I just emailed Aveda the link to this post with the comments section pointed out. :) Hopefully they get the friggin’ message someday. My tresses miss Curessence SO BAD!

  7. Hey I used it dqily and had no complaints whatsoever. My hair needed it and was never better. It was awesome to just be able to buy shampure and curessense plus thier elixer leqve in and not think about it. Now, everytime I run out, I have to research and study and decide what to try next cause it all sucks comparatively. I have teied Intelligent Nutrients amd while it has that kick ass aveda smell, it just isnt moisturizing enough, the Pureluxe. I suggest trying it, if you jonesing for the smell. They need to bring back curessense conditioner, sap moss shampoo and elixer leave in!

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