OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Nail Lacquer

God, even the title is a mouthful! I just got a manicure with this special new-ish nail system, because I wanted to test-drive a wedding manicure that would be longer-lasting than typical polish, since I’m quite adept at ruining manicures in record time. When browsing the website at Frenchy’s, I saw this ‘soak-off gel nail’ thing that was touted as a great option for special occasions, busy professionals who didn’t want to schedule regular manicures, or people going on extended vacations. And I thought that sounded like just the right kind of manicure!

The system worked like most gel nails, I guess, except that after the base coat, two gel polish coats were applied and UV-hardened. Problem is, the color (I went with “Aphrodite’s Pink Night”) is quite sheer and went on paler than I’d pictured, so it’s much subtler than I’d hoped and doesn’t conceal if I have gunk in my nails. (Gross, I know, but part of the beauty of a manicure is making your hands look great even when they’re not, right?) OPI’s description seems to indicate this is by design.

I’m also told I can’t put polish on top of the gel lacquer like I could with acrylics or regular gel nails (as I understand them). But then this Elle link seems to indicate you CAN put polish on! And when I asked about fills/maintenance, they said it was pretty much the full $60 no matter what, but maybe they could do a same-color fill for $45. Hrm.

All in all, I think this service convinced me to give regular gel nails a try for the wedding. I’ve only had acrylics once before and hated them, but so far I’m loving my gel hybrid thingies. My nails are still short enough to be able to type and do everything else I do (I hate the look and feel of long nails). We’ll see how they hold up after a week or so, but if I still like them come July then I’m getting gels for the big day!

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  1. Hm… not totally wild about this, as it looks like it desperately needs a fill and it’s only a few days later! If I ever do this or regular gels in the future, I will make sure to soak my cuticles and have them pushed down the max they will go before my apppointment

  2. OK, updates!

    1) I took the gel polish off. Myself. Foolishly, but what can ya do. It was getting all bubbled and lifting at the edges on one nail, and I am compulsive. BUT

    2) My pal Nancy took me to get my first ever mani/pedi this weekend, and it was AWESOME. So my nails look good for now.

    3) I booked a full set of pink and white gels at Sènsé. Yeah, pricey, but you only get married once. I also booked a fill + polish and pedicure with them for the day before the wedding.

  3. Yet another update! I went to Sènsé for the full set of gels, but the gal talked me into getting the same gel polish again. Only she used way better colors!

    I had her do a pink and white set French-style, and she also showed me an awesome tawny pink color called Barefoot in Barcelona. Too perfect!

    I haven’t yet decided if I’ll do French or Barcelona on my fingers for the big day, but I’m definitely doing Barcelona on my toes. So glad to make one more decision!

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