I have solved Gillian Anderson’s biggest beauty dilemma.

She even looks like she has my same coloring here. (I think it's just a trick of the light, though.)Well, OK, her biggest beauty dilemma c. 1994-ish that her publisher allowed to be printed in some Cosmo or JANE interview. (Side note — why do I have such a freakish memory for stuff like this, but can’t remember the time-old question of where I put my keys/glasses/insert cliché noun here?) ANYWAY — so back when I was in high school, I read some trashy rag in which the lovely Scully actress said she was constantly searching for a lip gloss that was the exact same shade as her tongue. Well, Gillian, I may not be a redhead, but I’m a fair-skinned makeup maven with a freakish memory and I think I found your match.

Man, while I'm lukewarm about actual NARS cosmetics, I LOVE the black rubbery packaging. So sexy to the touch.It’s NARS Chihuahua — part of a limited-time free Sephora VIB bonus. I’m so glad I jumped and placed an order when this offer came through, because even though the NARS bonus had only two products (when the TooFaced and BeneFit promos had more), the two items are quite nice and the bronzer contains more product than I’ll ever go through in my lifetime. The gloss is described on the site as “Guava” colored, which I can’t really vouch for as I don’t recall ever seeing a non-processed guava. Plus aren’t there like a zillion subspecies, like with papayas? Whatever — it’s lovely, sheer, and free of shimmer. (My big obsession lately is shimmer-free gloss, for some reason.) And totally the color of my tongue.

Anyway, Gillian, here’s hoping this helps. Because you surely subscribe to my RSS feed. You’re welcome!

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