How to fill in overplucked brows

Step 1) Decide to buy a house.

Step 2) Become incredibly stressed out, overtaxed and insomnia filled with the details of said process.

Step 3) Completely forget to take care of yourself in any fashion, from brow plucking to shaving to basic feeding and cleaning.

Step 4) Decide to use your only free time to drive a long way to reconnect with important best friends who are pregnant and suffer from pregxhaustion so can’t travel to you easily.

Step 5) VoilĂ  ! Your brows are now nice and busy and full and unkept. (Just like your legs, yay!)

In a nutshell, more beauty news/tweets soon. :) And I know “pregxhaustion” isn’t technically a *beauty* neologism, but it was so good I had to coin it here anyhow! xoxo

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