DuWop Gray Eyes

I purchased DuWop’s Gray Eyes kit at Sephora on impulse. It’s a fabulous idea — I often want to touch up my eye makeup at work or just before heading out to happy hour, but I never want to actually carry four or five different shades plus the required brushes.  So this tiny streamlined kit with real brushes in it caught my attention immediately.

Each kit comes with four shades of eye shadow plus a coordinating cream liner and a double-ended brush with decent bristles, all housed nicely in a tiny mirrored compact.  And gray is my go-to palette, so that was easy. In the end, I was both enamored of and irritated by this little kit — I wish the actual formulations were higher in quality, but otherwise it’s a great idea that just needs fine-tuning.

Let’s start with the positive!  The cream liner included is surprisingly impressive.  It goes on easily and gives good coverage as long as you apply plenty.  It doesn’t seem to smudge or flake too readily, and the brush they included isn’t the worst possible one.  (I personally prefer angled or bent liner brushes for cream liner, but the flat one they provided is surprisingly usable, and appears to be made of soft Taklon instead of scratchy cheap animal hair.)

However, the four shadows definitely disappoint.  I can’t tell if it’s because they’re weak on pigment or not finely milled enough or what, but they just don’t seem to grip onto the brush or your lids very easily, even with my Holy Grail of Eye Shadow Primers.  I find that I have to cake a TON of shadow on in order to get the look I’m going for, and I don’t generally go for a particularly smoky-eyed image!

I thought using one of my regular makeup brushes instead of the small one provided would help, but alas — even my super-awesome Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brushes couldn’t make these shadows shine.  Maybe they only work when you use them in conjunction with DuWop’s Payoff shadow intensifier… but at $32 for this mediocre little kit alone, I’m not interested in spending extra on coordinating lacquer.  I’ll still cart it around in my on-the-go makeup bag, don’t get me wrong — I’d just only ever use it to add 5 o’clock oomph to my normal grey shadow job, courtesy of Stila, Too Faced and sometimes Tarte.  Good effort, though, DuWop.

B Minus.

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