Dark Angels, indeed!

The prelude...I must have gotten possessed the other day, because I somehow managed to make a fairly large LUSH purchase online.  And I stopped buying their stuff years ago — too much SLS, dyes, fragrances, etc. for my sensitive skin.  But they do definitely have some winners — I always wind up going back to Aromacreme, and Big is scratch-tastic and Flying Fox smells like heaven.

Well, I discovered a couple new hits this last time around.  Vanillary smells similar to my usual Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Coco fragrance, but slightly less sweet; and the apparently best-selling Jungle solid conditioner bar is less of a pain in the ass than I would have predicted.  But the real show-stealer was a new cleanser meant for problem skin, called Dark Angels.

As you can see, this stuff was gritty, thick, messy, and DARK. Seriously, the depth of the charcoal pigment (meant to cleanse impurities from your pores) was kinda shocking. It felt surprisingly great, though… at first. After several uses, my skin, my tub and my fiancé were distinctly worse for the wear. It also felt like the pH was too high — I base this mostly on the fact that I ran out of toner while testing this stuff, but comparing it with other cleansers I use (namely PSF’s Green Tea Cleansing Milk), Dark Angels was much harsher.

Aaaah!  Dark Angels, RUN!

But the real downside (other than Grant freaking out when he saw me use it for the first time!) was the tub maintenance. Like so many LUSH products, this stuff was prone to clinging to the insides of my bathtub and shower walls, and was just a messy pain to clean up. At least it’s charcoal leaving the stain this time and not FD&C Red 40 from some garish glitter-laden bath bomb — but still, I don’t welcome the extra housework!

I’ll happily use up my remaining quantity in the sink, where cleanup is less intensive, but I probably won’t re-purchase this cleanser. Still, a fun trip nonetheless! I hope it will be good for days when I’ve been under crazy sun exposure and I’ve gunked up my face with silicone-laden products — a cleanser with extra oomph is always welcome then.

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