Several friends, coworkers, and family members have come to me for skincare-related advice, so I’ve come up with a skincare consulting model over the years. Obviously, this works better if I can meet with you in real life, and take a look at your skin issues first-hand. But some things can also be dealt with via email or over the phone, so please don’t be shy if you want to ask!

Some people who aren’t familiar with my skincare obsession wondered why anyone would come to me instead of just going to a dermatologist.  In a nutshell, I think what I have to offer is simply different than what most dermatologists offer.  Most derms are either very cosmetic (i.e. Botox and microdermabrasion) or very medical (i.e. skin lesions and psoriasis).  I bring a natural and holistic approach, and I focus more on subtle things like specific ingredients and cosmetically elegant formulations.  My view is that your routine (be it skincare, dietary, etc.) needs to be something you enjoy and are comfortable with in order for you to stick with it.

Another reason is that lot of the topical creams/etc. that dermatologists prescribe are full of scary ingredients, and most derms won’t get into the nitty-gritty of specific ingredients.  I think they tend to take a broader view, which makes sense in their discipline.  But many people looking for skincare help are looking for changes that are subtler than what a dermatologist is passionate about — i.e. brightening your skin tone with an antioxidant serum, or finding a good product to help clear out clogged pores without overdrying the rest of your skin.  That’s where I come in!

And lastly, there’s the issue of price.  Seeing me is much cheaper than seeing a dermatologist, especially over the course of our different appointments.  Because skincare is a hobby and something I love, I do this for very cheap so I can share my passion with others who are looking to find the same improvements as I’ve found, without the years of constant research and trial-and-error!  I’m basically providing a shortcut to everything I’ve learned, in exchange for a small fee to compensate for my increasingly booked schedule.

Because this is a side business that’s just a hobby to help share the love of happy skin, fees are sliding/negotiable. But generally, you can expect three steps. First, I’ll go over your skin with you, trying to assess your problems and goals. Second, I’ll recommend certain products, which I’ll help you locate and purchase as cheaply as possible. Third, I’ll follow up with you to see how the products are working out.

It’s important to remember that skincare solutions take time, and that your skin isn’t going to magically change overnight just because you switched toners. However, if products are not working out at all after a month of consistent correct use, we can either revisit for free and I can recommend a new round of solutions, or you can get refunded for the consultation.

For clients in the Greater Seattle area, I’m happy to travel to you within reason, or we can also meet on my turf. But for clients who are out-of-town or who live in difficult-to-reach areas (be it because of traffic or otherwise), I’ll ask you to come to me. I may also have us meet somewhere near our shopping destinations, if I think the products you need will be easy to purchase in person.

Contact info for consulting:
(206) 790-2559

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