Clarisonic fever

Lots of skincare-savvy gals have been gaga for the Clarisonic face brush for years. It’s from the same folks who make the Sonicare tooth brush, and Grant and I absolutely adore our shared Sonicare. I’ve been hearing more and more good stuff about the Clarisonic, so I started looking into at least trying one out.

Turns out EVERYONE heard about the Clarisonic from Oprah, and now they’re sold out everywhere! Couple that with the fact that there was a pretty major recall due to a manufacturing error that caused many brushes to overheat, and you’ve got a massive backlog of purchase orders. Nordstrom wasn’t even able to guarantee me one in time for my birthday in late March. (Not that I’d be ready to spend $200 on ANYTHING so soon, but I wanted to at least have the option!)

Normally, I’d be fine with waiting and really being sure. But I figured I might as well check out a tester model and just see how it felt and how it worked up close. Turns out all the testers are gone too — SAs from Nordies and Sephora revealed that fellow employees were the culprits! Apparently, since no one else can buy them, neither can they, so they just hijack the store ones to satisfy their Clarisonic cravings in the meantime.

I tell ya, I never knew something that expensive and creepy-looking could get so popular! Grant’s horrified at the idea, and keeps asking me not to buy the brush that “flays my skin”. (No matter how much I try to explain to him that it’s not actually very abrasive, he’s understandably freaked out — I’d be horrified, too, if someone tried to use an actual Sonicare on their face.)

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to wait in line like all the other good girls, which is just as well since I haven’t actually landed that new job yet. Rather than hunting it down from some random store that still has a few in stock, I’m determined to get it from somewhere like Nordie’s that has a really good return policy, just in case I hate it. Or in case it flays my skin. ;)

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