$1.99 Beauty Find

As part of my Wedding Skincare Vows, I really wanted to start taking better care of my nails. (It doesn’t feel right showing off my fiancĂ©’s late grandmother’s heirloom ring with raggedy fingernails and cuticles.) So I went out and invested in several of these bad boys, so I’d always have one on hand:

I first bought one of these four-way buffers at Pharmaca a couple years ago, and that $1.99 was one of the best beauty investments I’ve ever made. The thing is supposed to just be a buffer, but it works as both a file and a buffer. It’s small enough to carry anywhere and durable enough to hold up after being knocked around in my purse for ages. The four different portions do a great job of sloughing off length more gently than a pair of clippers, and with less risk of accidentally trimming too much.

But I’ve found the real kicker is the buffers — not for buffing, per se, but for post-filing. Previously, when I filed my nails, they’d still be kind of rough and imperfectly finished, so I’d catch them on something and inevitably tear them. But I find that using the buffing edge right after filing makes them perfectly smooth and snag-free — which ensures that my nails will all stay a happy uniform length for longer. Thus fulfilling my freakish need for symmetry — if one nail snags I have to cut them all off to match.

I’m going to start strategically placing these in all of my purses, at my desk, in my nightstand drawer, etc. — that way I’ll always have one on hand for a nail mishap. A cheap and easy solution!

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