100% Pure — my work is done!

I’m all in a tizzy because of a recent natural cosmetics discovery. Liz from EDS tipped me off to a company called 100% Pure, which makes a bunch of delicious-looking stuff, including a whole line of fruit-pigmented cosmetics.

I’ve been wanting to find and/or just launch for myself a line of naturally pigmented cosmetics for years. I’ve long relied on Mama Coco’s Red Hibiscus Lip Rouge as a subtle natural lip color in a super-moisturizing and yummy base — the stuff is pigmented with rose and hibiscus petals. Exquisite, no? But the color isn’t very strong at all, and this is the only pigmented product they make. So I had visions of creating beet-pigmented lip stains and natural concealers and whatnot.

And now I see that 100% Pure has a bunch of lip glosses, plus cheeky stains and even concealers, that are all naturally colored. So fab! I’m going to have to place an order, I can just tell. Bummer that they don’t do stains, since Grant refuses to kiss me when I have any kind of goop on my lips. But still, a girl can gloss it up from time to time!

I also love that they do some shimmery versions and some not-so-shimmery. For some reason, lately I’m just not into shimmery lip stuff AT ALL, so I like having shiny-but-not-sparkly options. I imagine I’ll sample a few lip colors, plus one cheeky and one concealer (in my first order, hehe). Liz also mentioned a lovely-sounding body butter, and I see more than a couple non-cosmetics products that caught my eye, including a caffeine-infused eye cream — could this be the end of my search!?

Yet another bonus is that they have a free shipping minimum of $50. Since I adore Internet shopping but hate knowing I’m wasting money on shipping costs, I’m always happy when a place offers a free shipping minimum, especially when it’s an affordable one. I can’t wait to give these guys a try — I’ll definitely update with my reactions. Fruit-tastic!

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  1. Hi V,

    I just wanted to say that I have used the 100% Pure lip gloss. i wasn’t that impressed and i so wanted to be. to be fair, i am not a glossy lips kind of girl but the fruit pigments fascinated me. i recently discovered the best lip stain (i think it was you who asked for the perfect stain awhile back on eds?)!


    we can no longer post home businesses on EDS as you know due to abuse from some members. but silk naturals is sooo wonderful. i have 4 so far and am collecting more. the texture, stain, everything is so perfect, and of course the price, $4 a pop :)

  2. Ooh, Kris, this stuff looks lovely. I’m kinda in the same camp as you — not a glossy girl, but I like the idea of fruit pigments. I think I’ll wind up trying a gloss and a cheekie blush thingy just to see how I like them, but after reading the QVC reviews I can tell that they might disappoint.

    So I checked out the whole SilkNaturals website, but I didn’t see stain anywhere! Was it these glosses? The packaging makes them look almost balm-like, similar to those Burt’s Bees shimmer stick thingies. And the price ain’t bad!

    Great, now I’m going to be addicted to ANOTHER adorable little company, ha! Thank you for the tip, though. We’ll have to swap fave shade notes!

  3. Hey V,

    I have heard from amy on eds that the blush thing from 100% pure is good. i am so over the brand though since i splurged a bit on them last year.

    Yup, those SN glosses are actually stains. i wouldn’t call them glosses at all! they act and look like sheer lipsticks but moisturize like a lip balm. incredible. i am cool toned, and so far love razzle dazzle, sweetheart and birthday suit (surprisingly since i am not a nude lippy person). i just placed another order for infatuation, breathless, and jaybird (but not for me :( ) as gifts to my friends and sister. i did however, get some lipsticks! i am excited :)

  4. Oh, sadness — Mama Coco’s appears to have gone out of business! (Or perhaps just allowed their Web hosting to lapse?) That link above is now broken, but if you Google the product name you may still be able to track it down.

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